Downtime by James Allen
Torquere Press
Gay Paramormal/Time Travel (M/M)
ISBN: 1-934166-69-3, 978-1-934166-70-3
Reviewed by Sabella




Morgan Nash is a bad ass FBI agent that goes after the bad guy without thinking of the risks that are involved.  This last assignment in London has been a bore and he can’t wait to go home.  However, when the pursuit of a spy takes him into the British Museum the last thing he expects is to dodge a bullet by being dragged into the past – 1888 to be precise.  Morgan’s sole focus now is getting back to his real life – in the future.  That is until he comes across a mystery he can’t leave alone – solving the Jack the Ripper murders while dragging his kidnapper Ezra with him all around London.

Ezra Glacenbie dragged Agent Nash back to 1888 completely by accident and now he’s determined to send Morgan back to his time.  In the meantime, Ezra will endeavor to make Morgan’s time as pleasant as possible until then.  However, Morgan changes Ezra’s life in unimaginable ways…will Ezra survive Morgan’s return to the future?

When I started reading Downtime I was a little intimidated by the length of the book, but I have to say that I loved this book from start to finish.  Morgan is a typical twenty-first century man – in a rush to get where he’s going so he can get to what’s next, never taking the time to enjoy right now.  But when he’s plopped a hundred years in the past the experience changes him…for the better.  His relationship with Ezra is marked by lots of exasperation, humor and a big dollop of passion.  Ezra is funny and charming with a dry wit that will have you smiling, while still having an endearing vulnerability that makes you want to coddle him and protect him from the world.  At times the book has a slow pace that might discourage people used to shorter works with a quick resolution. But Downtime is worth taking the time to read as James Allen does a masterful job of drawing in the reader and having you experience the lives of Ezra and Morgan as they live them.  Pick up Downtime the next time you have a long weekend to spend reading – this book will have you sighing, laughing and rolling your eyes at the escapades Ezra and Morgan get up to with their friends.


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