Double Dating with the Dead, by Karen Kelley
Brava Books
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal
Reviewed by Barb




Selena James is a psychic.  So why did she not give herself a warning as to how bad the last week was going to be?  First author (make that sexy author) Trent Sanders, on TV, calls her delusional.  This outrages her mother to the point that she challenges him to spend two weeks with Selena in the haunted Garvey Hotel.  Now Selena has to prove ghosts exist, if she does not, then she has to answer to her private wager with Trent – one night in his bed.  With two sex-starved ghosts in residence, it is more of a when, than if, she will spend the night in his bed.

Trent Sanders makes his living being skeptical and writing books expanding on his skepticism.  If he can’t see, taste or touch it, he does not believe it.  He can see Selena James, and he would not mind tasting and touching her.  Now, if only she was not a cheat.  The dreams she evokes…well they almost make him believe in ghosts.

Double Dating with the Dead is a funny, delightful read.  It is an excellent way to spend an afternoon or evening.  Karen Kelley writes with a lovely wit that kept me turning the pages.  I enjoyed this book very much and I highly recommend it.


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