Carnal Obedience by Kate Hill
Carnal Series
Changeling Press
Paranormal/Werewolves/Ménage/m/f/m m/m
ISBN: 978-1-59596-620-9
Reviewed by Rosemary




In this installment, Ransom and Temple have taken the law into their own hands after their pack is practically destroyed because of political self-indulgence.  They seek retribution from the Vampire Nation by stealing their ancestral magnificent gems.  Jolie, a free spirited wolf and bounty hunter is employed by the vampire leader to take the criminals into custody.  But Jolie finds herself captured by Ransom and Temple, and the magnetism is intoxicating.  The time spent in their company gives Jolie an appreciative observation of the rationale for the crimes committed.  It also gives the three of them an opportunity to explore the appeal linking them.

Carnal Obedience is an expression of today’s reality.  Kate Hill’s compelling story exhibits the unfairness of greed; the split in the legitimately sanctioned constitution of equality, yet the storyline still illustrates tantalizing, intense love scenes hot enough to render you feeling boneless.  Temple is a big bad alpha, in your face cocky and primed for any fight that comes his way.  Jolie is sassy and uses belligerence to conceal her desire for Temple.  Ransom is the voice of reason, who defuses the explosive tempers of Temple and Jolie.  Together, they make a humorous and scorching trio.    I recommend Carnal Obedience as a very pleasant way to spend your reading time. 


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