A Wolf’s Eyes by Emma Sinclair
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary/Shape Shifter
ISBN: 978-1-59578-342-4
Reviewed by Tanya



Jane Applebottom is convinced she must be the last 30 year old virgin in Seattle.  The only relief she has had is from a few ice cream induced fantasies that she writes about in her diary, gleamed from the romance books she loves to read.  But, she is realistic and feels that she will just have to be content running her bookstore.  Then suddenly her diary is gone, ACK.  Jane thinks she has the dream of all dreams one night when she imagines a super hunk in her mirror reading her diary, and pleasuring himself.

Van is a werewolf who is content to only care about the people who are close to him, mainly his brother Aiden and their Vampire friend Kali.  But, when he finds out someone is out to kill the weres in Seattle he and Kali go in search of a book his father has warned him about.  Suddenly he is face to face with the woman he saw in his mirror and he thinks she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen.  Jane thinks he is putting her on and when he seems interested in more than her books she decides to throw caution to the wind and go with it.

Suddenly Jane, Aiden and Van are being pursued by werewolves, Van’s father seems to have gone insane and they are all trapped in Van’s house.  Not only that but Jane is propositioning, Van will he accept?

Oh Baby, be still me beating heart.  I loved A Wolf’s Eyes by Emma Sinclair.  Finally a spunky heroine that is a size 18, who might just get the stud!  I had to read A Wolf’s Eyes in one setting as I couldn’t put it down.  I seriously enjoyed the writing of this author and I hope that she does follow up stories with Kali and Aiden.  I recommend this story to all who like the worlds of shape shifters and not so perfect heroines.


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