The Wish by Eden Winters

Torquere Press

Contemporary w/Paranormal aspect M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-918-7

Reviewed by Lisa



For Alex Martin money and privilege go hand in hand with his everyday life.  He has avoided visiting his Uncle Alfred and longtime lover Byron Sinclair because Byron is dying of cancer.  Old memories, yet still crystal clear in his mind; Alex remembers watching his mother dying of cancer and he just can’t deal with loosing someone else he holds dear.

Paul Sinclair visited his Uncle Byron and partner Alfred Anderson every chance he’s had, watching his beloved relative slowly slip away from them.  He lost his own father at an early age, but luckily for Paul, the male couple helped to raise him.  The only time the uncles and Paul didn’t see eye to eye was when they would try to give financial aid and he’d refuse.  Paul is determined to make his bookstore a successful business all by himself.

Even though Alex and Paul have always loved their respective uncles and their partner the two have never met over the years.  Preconceived ideas color their initial time together when they lay Uncle Byron to rest and attempt to get a handle on Uncle Alfred’s health problems.  They snap and growl at each other like caged tigers as they each deal with their grief and sorrow.  Neither they nor Uncle Alfred have any idea that Uncle Byron is watching over them hoping that the two men realize that what is right in front of their eyes is the best thing they’re ever going to get.  Unless Paul and Alex can peel back the layers of mistrust and misplaced jealousy, love will pass them by.

The Wish delivers a compelling, emotional powerhouse tale of redemption and love.  A complex relationship within a captivating plotline makes The Wish a winner for readers to savor.  This story takes readers on an emotional roller coaster; pages practically bleed with pain, angst, and tenderness at times.  Author Eden Winters meticulously gives these characters such depth and breadth that they come alive before your eyes. The ghost is important, but a small piece of the whole so that I don’t consider this a ‘paranormal’. There are also typos that need to be fixed.  The Wish has some moments of lusty eroticism, but it’s the relationship between Alex and Paul, the emotional heartstrings that are tugged to the point of breaking that make The Wish so much more, so very special. I Joyfully Recommend The Wish.


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