The Chief by Monica McCarty

Highland Guard Series, Book 1

Ballantine Books


ISBN: 97809345518224

Reviewed by Melissa



Tor MacLeod was considered one of best warriors Scotland, but he wasn’t about to let himself or his people be drawn into the war between Scotland and England. But he quickly finds himself helping to train an elite squad of warriors and taking a bride he never planned on. Tor had desired Christina Fraser the moment he saw her but wasn’t looking for a wife. Trickery found her in his bed and forced the marriage. Christina Fraser had no choice but to marry However, she quickly finds that Tor is a man worthy of her love. But Tor is a man that has no desire to risk his heart on love. With enemies surrounding them, can he admit that he’s fallen in love with his wife before it’s too late?

I love Monica McCarty’s new series! How awesome an idea is it for a Scottish “special forces”? Christina and Tor kept me turning the pages, sniffling one minute and reaching for the fan the next. Sexy and full of adventure The Chief is one book that all lovers of Scottish historical romance shouldn’t miss.  Get a copy ASAP!!!


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