Solitude and Sea Glass by T.D. McKinney & Terry Wylis

Amber Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-635-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Fifteen years ago, golden boy actor Holland Faust was attacked by a psychotic fan.  The damage done by the knife destroyed his breathtaking, box office face, as well as his soul.  Holland lives the life of a recluse these days on a private island off the New England coastline with a dog named Rex as his companion.

Each summer Hol has an intern help him decide who is deserving of financial aid from the Faust Charitable Foundation and this year his agent sends the highly qualified Ruby Keagan.  Hol has a standing order with his agent to not send any male internsÖever.  Ruby may be a girlís name, but the person Hol meets certainly isnít female. Just to make it more interesting, Ruby isnít loud about it, although heís definitely out of the closet.

All these many years Hol has managed to keep the press from knowing that heís gay.  Holís dated women exclusively up until the accident realizing that he was condemning himself to never finding love.  But Ruby, with his winsome looks and his mile wide heart, manages to slowly chip away at the many ghosts that Holland carries with him.  From the scars on his face to the lack of confidence in his acting talent, Holland is beginning to open up because of Ruby.  This summer internship will be life altering on so many levels if they both have the courage to see things through to the end.

Incredibly moving and beautifully written, Solitude and Sea Glass is a tour de force love story.  Holland is a shattered soul and Ruby is the glue.  Both characters practically leap off the pages as their story unfolds.  Solitude and Sea Glass runs the emotional gamut with these two men from angst and heart break to spirit and joy.  The sex scenes are told with a light touch, with loving prose as opposed to detailed description.  Solitude and Sea Glass is pure romance.  I Joyfully Recommend Solitude and Sea Glass.  Itís outstanding!


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