Sizzle by Julie Garwood

Ballantine Books

Audio Book


ISBN: 978-0345500779

Reviewed by Tanya



Lyra Prescott is a documentary film student in the LA area.  She is close to reaching the end of her academic career and is looking to pursue her dream career as a film editor.  But she still has a few projects to finish first, one being a short documentary for the ogre of all professors.  She chooses a topic that she thinks will be fun but, in fact it turns into a nightmare.  Not only is she subjected to health threats while filming but she also seems to have stumbled onto something that someone doesn’t want her to see.

Now someone seems to be under attack from an unknown foe.  When both she and her roommate &Sydney Buchanan) are put in grave danger Sydney’s brothers step in.  When you have a family full of law enforcement alpha males there is not much else to be expected.  They call in a favor and have FBI agent Sam Kincaid head to LA to be Lyra’s personal bodyguard.  While Lyra and Sydney think the accident is a one time thing.  Too bad the killers don’t seem to agree, and neither does Sam.  Now they will have to untangle multiple leads and threats all while letting Lyra finish her films and keep her alive.

Add to the craziness that is suddenly Lyra’s life her eccentric grandmother, “out there” parents and a little sexual attraction to her commitment phobic bodyguard and you have a story that will be hard to put down.

A super hot FBI Agent with a Scottish accents what more could a woman want in a hero?  And as I was listening to this story being read in an unabridged audio the accent didn’t have to be imagined, sigh.  I have been a fan of Ms. Garwood’s writing for years and Sizzle didn’t disappoint.  While it is tied by family connections to the rest of her contemporary FBI novels it can easily be read as a standalone.   I love how Ms. Garwood was able to tie in the change in a neighborhood and the apathy that can come from that with a mysterious interconnected plot with multiple twists and turns.  I found Sizzle to be a novel that I “Joyfully Recommend” to all my friends.  Sizzle rocked and I can’t wait for the next offering from Ms. Garwood.

Note: While I listened to this story as an unabridged audio if you like to imagine your character voices yourself and want to read the story you will be just as taken in as I was.  Sizzle is a winner no matter the format.


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