Quinn’s Hart by Cassandra Gold

Amber Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-636-9

Reviewed by Shayna



Shy engineer Quinn Delaney is used to people thinking he’s something he’s not because of his size.  He’s never had much luck in love, so when his former foster sister talks him into going on a singles’ trip to Walt Disney World, he acquiesces but assumes he’ll spend the week alone.  Yet there seems to be magic in the air at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Quinn meets Josh Hart, another single gay male on the trip, and attraction sparks – on both sides!  The sexy doctor is everything Quinn’s not: lively, charming, and comfortable in his own skin.  But if Quinn wants to capture his very own Prince Charming, he’s going to have to meet Josh halfway.  Will Quinn be able to risk opening his heart for a chance with the gorgeous Dr. Hart?

Cassandra Gold delivers pure magic with Quinn’s Hart, the best book I’ve read this year!  Quinn’s Hart has all the joy of the Magic Kingdom combined with all the sensuality and heart-wrenching vulnerability of a perfect romance.  Quinn captured my heart from the first.  He’s a tall and imposing-looking man, but outward appearances belie an inner uncertainty.  Quite simply, my heart broke for him and I desperately wanted to see find love with Josh.  And what a hero Josh is.  He practically radiates warmth and energy, making him the perfect match for the shy Quinn.  The two of them brought a quiet sexiness to the page that exploded like fireworks during the love scenes.

Quinn’s Hart has everything you could want in a story: love, sensuality, happiness, fears to overcome, obstacles to be beaten, and an ending that is more realistic than fairytale.  I was thoroughly enchanted by this wonderful story and look forward with great eagerness to reading more of Ms. Gold’s work.


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