Lionís Heat by Lora Leigh

Breeds, Book 21

Berkley Sensation

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 9780425233801

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jonas Wyatt. The Bogeyman of the Breeds.  He deserves this title and so much more, but his only guilt is his never-ending journey of fighting for the rights and happiness of breeds around the world. For years he has fought to keep himself in control and project the persona expected of him.  This hard won control comes to an end the minute Rachel Broen steps into his office as his new personal assistant.  And she is pregnant by another man.

The minute Jonas smells Rachelís scent, he knows she is his mate Ė later, tests confirm this information as well, but he keeps this to himself.  While he silently aches to take Rachel in his arms and mate her, Jonas knows that he has to give Rachel the chance.  When her daughter is placed in danger, Rachel demands that Jonas help her.  And help her he will, right into his home and his heart.

Mesmeric.  That is the perfect synonym to describe the effect Lionís Heat had on me.  Jonas has always been a favorite of mine Ė he is snarly, alpha, and growls and I love every single cell in his body.  However, he is so much more than just what is on the outside.  In his heart he is a brother, a son, a mate, and a father.  He strives to put his time in the labs behind him, but his experiences shaped the man he is today and that man deserves happiness and the love of a good woman.  Rachel is that woman.  She keeps his appointments, she runs his office, and she rules his heart.  But most importantly, she loves him.  She loves him unconditionally, and that is exactly what Jonas needs.

If you read no other Lora Leigh penned novel this year, please read Lionís Heat Lionís Heat is the novel that Jonas Wyatt needed and I quite happily Joyfully Recommend it. I couldnít put it down and I have since read it two more times. It is phenomenal.


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