If Looks Could Chill by Nina Bruhns

Passion for Danger, Book 2

Berkley Sensation

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-425-23152-4

Reviewed by Willow



Marc Lafayette is a member of STORM Corps, a non-governmental special ops organization.  He is focused on one goal—to stop a terrorist attack on the United States. His team has to rescue a kidnapped scientist, eliminate the bad guys and destroy a biological weapon.  He needs to be completely on his game. Too bad he’s so thoroughly distracted by a woman who is so totally not his type.

Louisiana State Trooper Tara Reeves has spent her whole life trying to prove that she is just as good as the men around her. And she is sure that finding the party dumping toxins into the swamp will get her the respect she deserves. Now she has to deal with a whole lot more than she expected. Not to mention one sexy Cajun who is turning her inside out.

Marc is assigned the job of keeping Tara out of the way, a job he does NOT want, when she stumbles onto STORM Corps’ mission. She’s not part of the team and will not only get in the way, but might just get caught in the crossfire. Tara only wants to catch the bad guys. Simple enough—NOT.

Marc and Tara didn’t count on the sizzling attraction they have for each other. Or the stronger feelings building the longer they know each other while her insecurities and his need to protect the women in his life just keep getting in the way. The question is, can they work through the emotional stuff AND stay alive?

I waited impatiently for this second installment to Nina Bruhns’ Passion for Danger series. And I can honestly say Hot Damn!  When can I get the next one?

With nonstop, edge of your seat action that and never lets you down, If Looks Could Chill is one of the best books I’ve read this month. Plus, there isn’t just one romance there are three-----ish. I am an absolute sucker for a bad boy with a Cajun accent and the relationship between Marc and Yankee Tara was H-O-T. Good thing I’m a Southern woman and used to the heat, ‘cause this romance was sweltering. There was never a moment that I wanted to put it down, even when real life called to me. I Joyfully Recommend If Looks Could Chill.


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