Weekend Games by Cara Carnes

Loose Id

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-791-7

Reviewed by Willow



Four friends. One stressful year. One idea to help them all do something different and daring.

Charlotte has had a long and stressful year, but so have her three best friends. Especially Aubrey, thanks to her stalker ex-boyfriend, sheís already moved four times this year. Julia is the conservative one and Francie is the shy one and they are both stuck in a rut. Halloween is coming up and Charlotte has an idea.

A weekend of role-plays. Each of them will invite at least one (thatís right AT LEAST one) man to participate. The men will come up with the role plays and each of the women will chose a role to star in. Itís a twist on a key party. The anticipation and the unknown are what make it all so thrilling. Halloween has just become a whole lot more interesting this year.

Charlotte will be lost in the woods and hunted by what lives there. Francie will have a run-in with a small town sheriff. Aubrey will be a genie just released from her bottle. Julia will be a naughty housewife. Let the games begin.

I was ready to take a nap when I started reading Weekend Games. Snapped me right out of it. I had to read it all. Four women and enough men to make it interesting. Yummy. There were unexpected facets to each of the womenís role plays and every little surprise kept pulling me along to the end. The weaving of each of the four fantasies was like having four stories in a story. It was great! The women (and the men) are all so different and I think thatís what makes it all come together. I Joyfully Recommend Weekend Games.


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