Under the Influence by Nancy Warren

Harlequin Blaze #452


ISBN:  978-0373794560

Reviewed by Jambrea



Natalie Fenshaw forgot it was Valentine’s Day. When the sexy bartender reminds her she has thoughts about more than work.

Johnny Santini mixes a mean drink and Natalie wants a taste. Natalie throws caution to the wind for a little fun in the sun.

Under the Influence is a yummy concoction that left me a little buzzed. Nancy Warren can influence me anytime she wants to. Natalie is so uptight and she just needs to relax a little. Johnny is just the person to help her, but he gets more then he bargains for. The great thing about Under the Influence is you get a twofer with Johnny’s best friend and his girl.

Under the Influence had me so drunk on love and laughter that I have to Joyfully Recommend everyone get a little tipsy.


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