To Hate and to Hold by Dakota Rebel

M/M Paranormal

Total E Bound

ISBN:  978-1-906811-94-5

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jamie McHale hates Ethan Connor with a passion. The feeling is mutual.  Imagine their surprise when they are magically bonded in a vampire marriage. The bond forces the two men together in ways they never imagined.

Will the two kill each other before love can find its hold?

I LOVED To Hate and to Hold. I donít know anyone who could take two characters who despise each other and turn it into a romance, but Dakota Rebel managed to do just that. Watching these two interact, find and fight their attraction to each other is so fascinating. Then Ms. Rebel tops it off with a little mystery.

I am Joyfully Recommending everyone read To Hate and to Hold because it is wonderful. If you like a story where it is all about the character, then youíll love To Hate and to Hold too!


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