The Prowling by Jaden Sinclair

Shifter Book 4


Amira Press

ISBN: 978-1-935348-26-9

Reviewer: Melissa



The Draeger twins are totally different from each other. Brock Draeger is easy going while his brother Drake is dark and intense. Drake is haunted by the past where he was kidnapped and experimented on by those who believe that all shifters are abominations, one of which is their own grandfather. When Drake and Brock learn that their grandfather has died and left all his possessions to his protégé, deliberately keeping all the family mementos of their grandmother from their mother, they determine to break into their grandfather’s former home and steal those important items for her. When they get to the home Brock is stunned to discover that his enemy’s daughter is his mate and decides right there to take her home with him. For his part, Drake is more interested in revenge and when the chance presents itself he also drags home a woman but as time goes on is stunned to find that she also is his mate. Can both of these brothers win the hearts of the women whom they’ve claimed?

I am so loving this series!! While The Prowling is not as erotic as the earlier books in the Shifter series that by no means takes away from what is a truly well written story. I had been waiting for The Prowling and I can’t recommend it enough to those who have been following this series and those who haven’t yet had the pleasure. I’ll be stalking Jaden Sinclair for more books in this series!!


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