Sub for Hire by Claire Thompson

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary BDSM Ė M/M

ISBN: 9781419917752

Reviewed by Lisa



The idea of being a starving writer doesnít appeal to Josh Hanson.  Heís just sold his first book and teaches at the local community college to make ends meet but it will be a while before the book advance arrives to help pay bills. 

Josh has enjoyed the BDSM scene since he came out some years ago.  Fate leads him to Dungeon Dreams and a paying job as a sub for hire.  Itís working out fine keeping his personal sub desires separate from his work hours with clients until Dom Michael Sutherland spends an hour with him.

Itís magic for the two men but they both have been burned before by false love so neither is willing to take that next step and communicate their feelings.  An added complication rears its ugly head when Sam Blake, owner of Dungeon Dreams makes a play for Josh.  A blossoming relationship may be over before it truly begins if Josh and Michael donít work things out very quickly.

Author Claire Thompson shares her wonderful word craft talent in Sub for Hire, a classy, sensual and semi tough BDSM tale.  Sub for Hire runs the gamut from loneliness and angst to pleasure and tenderness.  Although the subject matter may not be for everyone, what makes this story so good is the emotional growth the characters go through and what they learn along the way.  Sub for Hire is Joyfully Reviewed and most definitely special.


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