Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas


St. Martinís Press

ISBN: 978-0-312-35166-3

Reviewer: Melissa



Ellie Varner tries not to deal with her family any more than necessary. Her mother has taken self-centeredness to a fine art and her sister, Tara, has the uncanny ability to choose the worst in men. Ellie is happy with her bland life and her undemanding boyfriend.  All that changes when her Tara drops her newborn off for Ellie to take care for while she receives three months treatment for depression. The first thing Ellie intends to do is find baby Lukeís father and make him take responsibility, to that end she tracks down playboy Jack Travis. However Jack never slept with Tara, he canít possibly be Lukeís father. But meeting Ellie is something Jack never saw coming. He goes out of his way to help her and baby Luke.  He knows how skittish Ellie is so he has no intention of letting her know that heís determined that heís keeping her!

Iíve read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two contemporary romances featuring the Travis family from Lisa Kleypas but I have to say that without a doubt Smooth Talking Stranger is my favorite to date. Wickedly sexy, Smooth Talking Stranger is a story what will have you deeply entrenched in Ellie and Jackís emotional journey and unwilling to turn the last page. With only one Travis sibling left I donít know if I can wait for Joe Travisís story!!


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