Release Date: May 5, 2009

Relentless by Lauren Dane

Berkley Heat

Futuristic Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-0425227602

Reviewed by Jo



Abbie Haws is a busy barrister and the spokesperson for the Movement for Representative Democracy.   Neither is an easy job, but Abbie is up to the challenge.  The first thing she has to do is get a chance to talk to the Governance Council and to address the Ranked Families that rule the Federated Universes through it.  At the same time, Abbie is going to have to keep some of the more radical members from acting out so that the Council will realize that the group is serious and want to come up with a solution for all people to have a voice in how they are ruled.

Roman Lyon is the head of House Lyons and also is the head of the Governance Council.  Being the leader has never been easy but lately it has become much harder.  Several of the family members of Ranked Families are about to be tried for treason, the Council is fighting amongst itself and there is a group that seems to be determined to change how ruling has always been done. 

Abbie and Roman meet after the greedy actions of one family bring false charges on an unranked employee.  This meeting will begin to open up Roman’s eyes on just how the unranked live.  Abbie and Roman have an instant attraction that both know can never go anywhere based on old laws.  The ‘verses are holding together by a thread as Abbie and Roman surrender to the erotic passion between them and the battles come to a head.  Abbie is placed in danger as the movement goes before the entire Governing Council.  The Council must make a decision that will affect all of the ‘verses; but will Roman and Abbie find a way to be together or are some long followed rules never to be broken?

Relentless is filled with heat and erotic passion between two people on either end of the social structure.  Abbie has a passion for finding justice for those who are not recognized.  Roman was born to rule and lives in the world of the privileged.  I absolutely loved how Abbie and Roman came together and then fought for their love.  The erotic passion that sprung up between them would have been more than enough to keep me flipping the pages.  However watching as Abbie and Roman maneuvered around and through the power struggles of the ranked wanting to keep the power and the unranked wanting a voice just doubled the power of the plot.  I was very afraid that Abbie and Roman would end up being two star-crossed lovers but Ms. Dane ended their story in a spectacular way that had me wanting to cheer.  Relentless is a do not miss, stand in line when the bookstore opens book.  It is also Joyfully Recommended by me to you as one you won’t want to miss.

I would also suggest that readers might want to grab the first book, Undercover, to discover the background of the trials and world they are placed in.


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