Moonlight Warrior by Janet Chapman

Pocket Star


ISBN: 978-1416594871

Reviewed by Tanya



Kenzie Gregor has decided to move to the coast of Maine from the mountains, as he feels it will be a better place to help the souls of his destiny.  It will also be a good place for William (the man trapped in a dragons body) to be able to roam and stay away from humans, or so they think.  Kenzie find the perfect point of land and even a few small islands as part of the property.  What he doesnít count on is the fact that the land is sold out from under the current inhabitants.  When he meets both Eve and her mother he knows he canít throw them out.  Especially when, all he can think about is making Eve his own.  Will he be able to win her over and can they all live together peacefully?

Eve has sworn off men after her cheating husband ran off with the neighbor.  So she was moved back to Maine to be with her mother who has a terminal issue with her brain, which is slowly taking her ability to remember short term things away, and will eventually cost her, her life.  But will the impending storms and interactions between Kenzie and Eve make things even more hazardous?

Moonlight Warrior is the latest winner from Ms. Chapman and the start of a coastal series. While this story ties in with the rest of her highland warrior series it is easily a read alone story. I was thoroughly intrigued how both Kenzie and William would fit into a coastal community. And, how such a community would react to the strange happenings out on the point. I found that how Ms. Chapman wove a tragic medical condition into their lives was also inspirational, especially how it sometimes takes an outsider to help us all see clearer. As a fellow Mainer I agree with how Ms. Chapman portrays the communities she writes about. I am still one of her biggest fans and hope she continues to write for many more years. If you have liked any of her highland warriors, love Maine and/or are intrigued by the paranormal you will thoroughly enjoy Moonlight Warrior.


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