Master of Torment by Karin Tabke

The Blood Sword Legacy, book 2

Pocket Star


ISBN: (10) 1-4165-5503-X (13) 1-4165-5503-2

Reviewed by Amelia



Lady Tarian is a warrior, never backing down from a fight. So when her intended husband leaves her at the altar she goes after him, and sees that things are done as they should be. But when he is killed soon afterward by his brideís hand, the young widow comes to the attention of William the Conqueror, Tarian knows itís not just her late husbandís death, but the fact sheís related to the late Saxon King Harold that makes her a danger to William.

Wulfson is a member of the Blood Sword, a trusted knight of William. When heís ordered to go to Draceadon and dispatch Lady Tarian with all haste he knows he will follow his orders, no matter how distasteful they may be. But when he arrives he finds the Lady imprisoned in the dungeon, for her refusal to marry a persistent suitor.

When he finds she might be with child he orders the lady nursed back to health. When she is well he loses his heart to her, knowing he will have to, at some point, follow through on his order to execute her.  Tarian is deeply attracted to the knight, but does not trust him. Can these two lovers overcome their differences, and the trying times in which they live, to find happiness together?

Master of Torment is a shining gem in the crown of historical romance. Filled with deep intrigue and high passion, the story is beautifully told. I fell in love with Wulfson and my heart ached as he tried to deal with conflicting emotions about doing his duty and falling in love with Tarian. The lady in question is a wonderfully strong character in a time when women were meant to be seen and not heard. I loved the fact that she refused to be a pawn for men and fought to have her own life.

These two characters together are magical, and made me savor every word of this book. It also has me craving the next installment of the Blood Sword Legacy. I highly recommend Master of Torment for lovers of historical fiction. It will leave you begging for more.


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