Lovers, Dreamers, and Me by Willa Okati

Loose Id

Contemporary/Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-863-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Tolliver is a man that lives a life ruled by routine and little outside of it catches his attention or pierces his narrow focus of taking care of his sister Sarah and the family store – Old Curiosity.  However, somehow upon meeting Noble, his life seems to spin out of his tight control – suddenly he is discovering that men, especially Noble, are incredibly arousing; his sister is playing matchmaker and then resenting the results and his reliable storefront neighbor is suddenly acting strange around Tolliver.  What in the world is his life coming to and how can Tolliver jam it all back into its proper place?

Noble is a wandering man and he can see into people and what he sees in Tolliver is a universe unexplored that not even Tolliver knows is there.  Now, the challenge is to convince Tolliver that what Noble sees is real and that the attraction Tolliver feels for him is not only returned but acceptable.  However, Tolliver proves to be more stubborn that anyone ever counted on and it just might break Noble’s heart in the process…

Will Tolliver ever see beyond his responsibility to Sarah to ever carve a life for himself?  And will Noble be a part of it at the end of it all?

Lovers, Dreamers, and Me is a true Willa Okati romance – it’s full of erotic encounters, angst, emotion and romance.  Tolliver is as endearing as he is maddening with his narrow focus, refusal to meet life head on and deal with the changing reality of his life.  Noble is mysterious, and rather irritating, with his constant assurances of seeing the desired outcome, however, when his secrets are revealed and Noble turns out to be as vulnerable as the next man – it really brings him to life in a spectacular way.  I was swept away with the emotional wallop that Willa Okati packed into this story and by the men whom are lovable in their vulnerability and, in Tolliver’s case, his reluctant willingness to explore the mysteries of sex and love!  It was heart wrenching to watch as Tolliver struggles to come to terms with how his new feelings for Noble fit into his life and his painful acceptance of the changes that will bring into his life.  Noble is not so clear in his struggle, but in the end his heartbreak is just as painful as he deals with Tolliver and his uncertainties. Get yourself Lovers, Dreamers, and Me the next time you are in the mood for an emotional romance that will grab your heart and not let it go!


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