Knight Moves by Jamaica Layne

Ravenous Romance

Time Travel, Fantasy, BDSM

ISBN:  978-1-60777-023-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Louise Jackson is bored out her mind when she is forced into a birthday dinner at Medieval Worlds: Dinner and Tournament with her best friend who’s oblivious to the fact that she’d rather be doing something else on the big three-oh.  She makes her escape for a quick bathroom break and encounters Lord Verdigris who whisks her away to his castle through a time portal.  Louise is ecstatic at finding her knight but her bubble is burst when she learns that he’s brought her to serve him and his men in his Hall of Harlots forever!  All Louise wants is to return home as quickly as possible even though she becomes an overnight sensation.  She sets out to find out if there’s a chance of her ever going back home and discovers help in the most unlikely places.

Now and again, I stumble upon a book that will take me for a crazy ride, and I must say this novel made me lose my hat!  If someone had told me to fasten my seat belt, I would have missed out.  Imaginative and racy, Knight Moves is a veritable bump-and-grind of hilarious fun and fornication!  Louise’s dry, witty narrative kept me highly entertained and the more I got to know her, the more I grew to like her.  She was bursting with surprises and loads of wild and wanton schemes while staying on top of the game.  I never doubted that she was in charge.  The supporting characters are wonderful accessories to the plot and action, and the added touches of history and lore just enhanced everything. 

Knight Moves is a tantalizing romp peppered with inferno-heat level sex, saucy humor and a good sprinkling of action.   Even if you’re feeling jaded from reading lots of erotic scenes, I guarantee there’s sex in this book that will make you do a double-take.  Whether you’re feeling adventurous or just hunkering for a wonderfully creative and scorcher of a read, this book is certainly the ticket to quench your thirst and raise your temperature.


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