Kiss and Tell by Suzanne Brockmann

Sunrise Key Trilogy, Book 1

Bantam Books


ISBN: 978-0-553-59200-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Leila Hunt left Sunrise Key behind her gladly many years ago and even though she comes back to visit often, thatís about as much as she can take of the small community.  Nothing is private on the Key Ė nothing, which drives Leila absolutely nuts and reminds her vividly why she left in the first place.  However, this time the visit is aggravated by the fact that her brother Simon has another house guest Ė Marshall Devlin, one of Leilaís most hated tormentors from her childhood.  But when Leila finds herself looking for a masked man that gave her the most enchanting kiss at midnight on New Yearís Eve, it leads Leila to rediscover all the enchanting aspects of life on the Key.  It also leads Leila to look at Marsh in a new light, but will it be enough to bring her back to Sunrise Key?

Marshall Devlin arrived the first time at Sunrise Key a lost and lonely young boy from England.  However, Simon Hunt turned to be his best friend and first ally during those tumultuous months, never mind that they became partners in crime torturing Leila over every possible thing.  Still, over the years Marsh grew to love Sunrise Key as his home, so after becoming a doctor he returned to become the Keyís sole doctor and sometimes veterinarian.  But deep down Marsh has discovered that it will never feel fully like home until he can get Leila for his own, but will he be able to convince her that his feelings are real and not a prank?

Kiss and Tell is the first installment of the Sunrise Key trilogy and itís a spectacular beginning that will bring a smile to your face and remind you why you fell in love with romance novels in the first place.  Suzanne Brockmann weaves a wonderful and touching tale of love grown from childhood taunting to passion as adults.  The first time I read Kiss and Tell when it was originally published in 1996 it forever made me a lover of romance tales and revisiting now has only served to remind me why I love romance novels so much.  Kiss and Tell is packed with passionate emotions that spark remembrances of that all consuming passion and happiness of feeling love returned or keeping alive the ideal of such a romance.  Leila and Marsh are absolutely enchanting and are not to be missed, even if their romance is a little simple itís made all the sweeter for it.  Pick up Kiss and Tell if you havenít before Ė it will make you a fan of Suzanne Brockmann and if you havenít read it before, get it for yourself to bring a measure of charm and romance into your life!


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