Golden God by D. J. Manly

Brennus’ Witch, Book 3

eXtasy Books

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-169-8

Reviewed by Raine



In an attempt to get her brother back, Anna opens a portal to Decadence. She seeks The Book of the Fourth Realm, which is said to contain a spell that will make Damien mortal again. What she doesn’t realize is that the still open portal is allowing demons to pour out and cause mayhem in the world. The only one who can save the world is Brennus. Foretold in prophesy, the Goddess of Sorcery saved Brennus, the Golden God, to save the world.

Back again is Vortimere—the awful—to be an even bigger thorn in Brennus' and Darien’s side. Brennus, Damien and Marcel travel through portals to other planes of existence killing demons and trying to save their world. It is a horrendous fight. They encounter illusions, betrayal and death. They have to work together with Anna, Anita and Zendle to make it all work out in the end. This installment in Brennus’ Witch is very deep. The plot gets very detailed with even more character and realm jumping. While I usually enjoy a story I do not have to do a lot of thinking about, Golden God drew me in from page one. Golden God is very well written. The characters are completely enjoyable. The bad guys are very easy to hate. The main characters you hope and pray for their survival, all while chewing your nails or twisting a lock of hair. I highly recommend Golden God and the entire Brennus’ Witch series. You could read Golden God without reading Brennus’ Witch or Body and Soul, books 1 and 2, but I do not recommend it as you will not get the most from the intended storyline and it is definitely a worthwhile read.


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