Gnomes of Suburbia by Viola Grace

The Nexus Chronicles, Book 1

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-258-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Abby has finally saved enough money for a home of her own.  She is so excited that  finally she just might be able to have that new life she has dreamed about with a home and everything.  But what she never counted on was magic being part of that life.  Now she is in a new neighborhood and she has somehow brought her gnomes to life.  Her neighbors are mermaids, wizards, gorgons, and a werewolf.  Not to mention the hottie that lives next door that makes her new powers go haywire every time he gets near her, OK, so every time she thinks of him.

But Abby will find out that when she is suddenly being stalked, that this group of neighbors may be more of a family that she has ever known before.  Now if they only will all live through the week.

I found Gnomes of Suburbia one of the funniest and interesting starts to a series I have read in a while.  Ms. Grace did an excellent job in setting the stage for not only this book, but she makes me want to know the stories of a number of other characters.   I was intrigued (if not a little frightened) by the different costumes and ultimately the personalities of the gnomes, gone are the red-hatted blue shirt version of gnomes that most people envision. Abby’s interactions with not only her mother but the new neighbors were easy to envision, and I love the strength and sarcasm she brings forth. I also love Seesee and hope that she too will find the man of her dreams.  

I definitely appreciate how Ms. Grace described scenes with just enough detail I could imagine them happening, but not too much that I was bored and started to skim sentences.  Additionally the chemistry between Abby and Xander as well as the humorous interactions make the story not only serious but a laugh out loud experience.  Want to know what a Nexus is?  Want to laugh out loud while reading a fun book?  Then you need to be one of the first to pick up Gnomes of Suburbia.


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