First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Seduction by Mary Balogh

Huxtable Quartet Books 1 & 2


Bantam Dell

ISBN: 978-1416593133, 978-0440244233, 9

Reviewer: Melissa



First Comes Marriage

When Vanessa Dew’s brother inherits a title it brings into her life, Elliott, Viscount Lyngate. When Elliott’s mother begins to hint that Vanessa’s elder sister Margaret would be a suitable wife for Elliott, Vanessa knows she has to do something. Margaret has been in love with Vanessa’s brother-in-law for years and Vanessa can’t stand for Margaret to be doomed to a marriage without love. So she goes to Elliott and makes him an offer, take her to wife and she’ll be the best wife for him, bringing him happiness and joy. She knows that she is not the beauty her sister is but surely their marriage would fair better than Elliott marrying a woman who loves another. Elliott is not sure why he is drawn to Vanessa but he finds himself agreeing to her offer and before long they are married. But as they spend time as husband and wife what was supposed to be a marriage of friendship becomes something else as passion and love begin to grow between them.

First Comes Marriage is the first book of Mary Balogh’s new Huxtable Quartet. Vanessa and Elliot are slow to realize their love for each other but that just made me want it more!


Then Comes Seduction

Jasper Finley, Baron Montford, accepts the challenge of seducing the innocent Katherine Huxtable but just when success is in his grasp he suddenly discovers that his conscience won’t let him and he tells Katherine the truth of the wager. Now three years have past, years in which Katherine has told herself that she hates Jasper. But now that they are thrown back into each other’s sphere the passion that once blazed between them returns. Will love follow passion? And when an enemy of Jasper’s spreads the news of the wager, can they fight the whispers that wonder if Jasper actually won the wager?

Then Comes Seduction is another wonderful addition to the Huxtable Quartet. Jasper and Katherine kept me turning the pages!

First Comes Seduction and Then Comes Seduction are well worth an all night reading binge and with the next two books in this delicious series by my side, it could be another all nighter! Lovers of Regency romance will want to pick these up NOW!!


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