Amber Eyes by Maya Banks

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal/Menage

ISBN: 978-1-60504-466-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kaya is a shifter and has spent most of her entire life alone.  When she sees the men at a cabin in her neck of the woods, she is curious.  Daily she watches these men come and go until hurt, she goes to them for comfort the only way she knows how, as a cougar. 

Having seen ‘their’ cougar for days without the pretty feline coming any closer, Jericho and Hunter are surprised when she finally gets close enough to them for them to touch her.  Realizing she is exhausted and hurt, they bring her inside.  Hours later, both men are surprised to find their cougar has vanished and a naked and beautiful but skittish woman seems to have appeared from thin air.  They have no idea the woman they are seeing is the cougar they have been slipping food to for months.

Kaya has never trusted another person before – not to mention two people. She has loved both men for so long that all she wants to do is be close to them.  They seem to feel the same way and when they are asked to finish one mission for the government, they hesitate to leave Kaya alone but she accepts their promises to return. 

Amber Eyes made me cry more than once.  Not only cry – I sobbed out loud.  What a beautiful love story Maya Banks has released.  With an innocence air, Amber Eyes is just an amazing tale of love and trust.  Kaya is a victim of her surroundings almost.  She ran away from kidnappers early in her life and pretty much grew up on her own.  She didn’t rely on anyone for anything – until Hunter and Jericho.  The love these men showed Kaya more than once made me swoon and sigh at the gentleness of their touches and the love the three shared.

Amber Eyes highlights what Maya Banks does best – she grabs her reader by the heart and doesn’t let go.  Emotionally gripping with smoldering passions, Amber Eyes is a must read.  I joyfully recommend it! 


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