Winterís Daughter by J. C. Wilder
The Coven, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal / Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-843-7
Reviewed by Jo




Synamon Angelov lost everything in her life the night her mother died and her sisters were separated from her. Hurt by the very people who should have helped the girls, Syn is grown up and back in the town that turned its back on her and her family. Syn has questions about that night and she is going to make sure they are answered. It just might help that she looks like her mother and that magic is on her side.

Matthew Whitefeather is the Chief of Police of Salem, Ohio. While being a virtual newcomer to the town, Matt has always known that something odd surrounds the old house on the hill and he tries to protect both the residents from the house and the house from the residents. Getting a call about someone in the Angelov house leads to a unique meeting between Matt and Syn.

The attraction is instant and affects both Matt and Syn. When Syn convinces Matt to check out the things that happened the night her mother died, Matt finds many things that donít add up and decides to look a bit more. Syn is sending seismic waves through the town and the old prejudices quickly come back up. When Matt and Syn start rocking the long told story of that night, danger comes to call again. Can the trust, love, and magic they have found together keep Matt and Syn safe?

Winterís Daughter is the beginning story in a tale of what fear and prejudice can do. Syn is back to discover just what happened the night her mom died. Matt believes in legal justice and uses everything at his disposal to make sure it happens. Together, Matt and Syn seemed to leap off the pages and found a level of trust to go along with the passion that should not have been easy for them. I read Winterís Daughter one Saturday, totally ignoring everything around me. Engaging, gripping, and page-turning are a few terms I would use to describe Matt and Syn and their path to the truth and lasting love. I will be keeping a close eye on Ms. Wilderís site to see when the next sisterís book is going to come out. For all of these reasons and some I canít seem to put words to, I Joyfully Recommend Winterís Daughter.


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