Where There's Smoke by M. J. Fredrick
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-206-2
Reviewed by Tanya




The Stokes and Escamilla families have always been close.  Their kids have grown up together and the males of the household are all members of the same firehouse.  But is there more history here than the kids know?  And what will happen when thing finally blow up?

Lauren Stokes and Seth Escamilla have been close friends for years.  They tell each other about their loves and their lives.  But one thing that Seth has never figured out is that Lauren has been in love with him for years.  But, what will happen when during a fateful family get- together, Seth accidentally injures Lauren?  Especially when he takes her home to care for her, and sees her in a bit of a different light.  Now he is confused by his emotions.  But just as Lauren and Seth start to explore their feelings, things with their parents go “super nova” and nothing will ever be the same.  Will their new and old relationships be the fallout of their parent’s deeds?

Wow pull up the tissues for this one.  I made the mistake of reading Where there’s Smoke on my e-reader while at work and then I had to explain why I was crying.  I don’t recommend this awkwardness to anyone, so make sure you are reading it at home.  I loved how the main characters both were forced to “grow up” during this story.  I was encouraged that the author didn’t take the short route and gloss over the hurt that these characters felt.  I also hope there will be more stories about the hot Firefighters in Seth’s house.  I found Where there’s Smoke was a very well written story with not only hot love scenes but also hot emotions.  That is what compelled me to make Where there’s Smoke a Joyfully Reviewed title for April.


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