Untamed Heart by Ally Blue
Samhain Publishing
M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-881-X
Reviewed by Ley




As a trained assassin, Leon Fisher kept his emotions at bay when doing a job, but this last kill was personal for Leon.  He wanted revenge against the man who tortured and murdered his lover.  He quickly learned that revenge doesnít heal a broken heart, it doesnít stop the nightmares and it doesnít stop memories, but the bottle does - at least temporarily.  Leon quickly found himself falling deeper and deeper into the bottle and losing his grip on his life. 

His downward spiral incited the organization he worked for to step in and intervene, by sending Leon to Alaska to dry out and recuperate on private government property.  The fresh air and the solitude help to clear his mind and while out hiking he encounters Grim, a young man who lives alone in the woods.   Grim saves Leonís life and takes him to his tiny cabin deep in the woods to nurse him back to health. The days turn into weeks and Grim and Leon give into the sexual attraction they feel for each other.  Leon finds himself wanting more from the mysterious young man and even though they both have secrets from their own pasts they have yet to reveal it doesnít stop them from needing and depending on each other.

Untamed Heart is fantastic!  I started this and read the whole thing in one sitting. Iíve always been an Ally Blue fan and this story solidifies her spot in the top ten with me.  I love Leon and Grim.  Leonís harsh on the outside, but on the inside heís a very caring man.  Grim, wormed his way into my heart from the moment he was introduced in the story.  Both of them have very checkered past lives and they have no problem with doing whatever it takes to survive yet there wasnít a coldness about them. They both found a way into my heart- especially Grim.  I loved this story.  I loved it for the characters, the action, the intrigue and the angst.  Ms. Blue did a fantastic job and I joyfully recommend Untamed Heart.


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