True Lies by Jaci Burton
Ellora's Cave
Shape-shifter / Futuristic
ISBN: 9781419913778
Reviewed by Jambrea




Mia Logan can put any species under hypnosis. Her job is to get confessions out of criminals and keep them calm. The only problem is one of her assignments escaped and now she must work with Ric to track down Vad. Mia is VERY attracted to Ric, but he shows no interest in her. Now she needs to travel to his home planet to track Vad and she bets Ric she can hypnotize him. Will she use it to take advantage of Ric? Will Ric let her?

Ric just wanted his down time and now he has to go back to Earth to help Mia track down Vad. He is attracted to Mia despite himself and takes up her challenge of hypnosis. He knows Mia doesnít have the power to put him under, but he will play along to ease this needs he has for Mia.

Will the guilt get to Ric and Mia, or can they put it behind them to capture Vad? Do Ric and Mia have a future or will the lies keep them apart?

True Lies is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I LOVE this story! It is so hot and the struggle between Ric and Mia is fabulous. I love how Ric is struggling with his attraction to a woman he normally wouldnít have anything to do with. I also love Ricís shifted form in all its glory! Iím not telling, but it is worth the read. It is so worth the read that I am Joyfully Recommending True Lies. Jaci Burton rocks!!!


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