Tort and Retort by Maura Anderson
Aspen Mountain Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60168-087-7
Reviewed by Tanya




Patent Attorney Gayle Osborne has a secret.  In her free time she is a reviewer of erotic romance stories.  She goes by the name Miss Retort and does anything she can to keep her two worlds separate. 

Tyler Monroe is Gayleís boss and the man she has lusted after for a number of years.  But, she wonít do anything to act on it, as she has worked long and hard to get where she is in her career.  But, that doesnít stop him from being in the starring role in all of her fantasies.  When the opportunity arises for the two of them to get together, after a celebration, and he is suddenly sending all the right signals, she canít help but take the plunge.  But, can she let down her guard and reveal her alter ego (Miss Retort)?

Bravo Ms. Anderson!  Finally someone who writes a story about all of us faithful readers and reviewers, and she hits it right on the nose.  For those of us who have careers in a male dominated profession we do constantly face the reactions to our reading choices that Gayle faces.  Tort and Retort takes a humorous look at this world and genre and in a lighthearted way tackles some of the most common perceptions.  If you like stories about hot men, enjoy reading ebooks and like a little romance and/or erotica in your stories then you have to get Tort and Retort.  It is with NO hesitation that I Joyfully Recommend Tort and Retort for an April read.


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