The Stripper's Story, A Valentine's Day Tale by Vic Winter
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella




Steve is a stripper and pretty happy with his life – especially on Valentine’s Day which generates a lot of tips, even if he doesn’t have a special someone to share it with… So in the spirit of going against convention Steve decides to take himself out to a nice dinner.  But instead of the nice steak dinner he expected, Steve ends up running into Joshua, someone from Steve’s embarrassing past.  But, as they exchange pleasantries and obvious flirtations, it could lead to something more…and how corny would that be for a jaded and cynical stripper to find love on Valentine’s Day?

The Stripper’s Story, A Valentine’s Day Tale is a wonderfully funny, charming and most of all witty tale about finding love when you least expect it, since there was no searching involved.  Vic Winter has skillfully woven self-deprecating humor through Steve’s insights and witticisms to make the story that much more entertaining – if not laugh out load funny!  Steve and Joshua are now grown men that have outgrown all the awkwardness of the hormone ridden youth they shared, which makes their coming together at this point so much more satisfying to be a part of.  Vic Winter has written, in my opinion, an unforgettable tale because it just gives a glimpse of great couple in the making!  The Stripper’s Story, A Valentine’s Day Tale is not to be missed – get it today!  And you will understand why so many readers of m/m romances have Vic Winter in their keeper shelf!


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