The Seduction Of An Unknown Lady by Samantha James
Victorian Romance
ISBN: 978-0060896492
Reviewed by Tanya




Fionna Hawkes has an active imagination that is for sure, she leads a secret life as an author of a series of ‘demon filled who done it’s’. One thing that she doesn’t know anything about is seduction.  But, when Fionna encounters Lord McBride while on one of her nightly strolls, she has feelings for the gentleman she hasn’t felt before.  Though she does try to protect herself against him, he in the end helps to protect her.  He finds himself so very intrigued by the mysterious Fionna, especially with her naiveté.

Lord McBride has always loved a mystery and sets out to unravel the one of Fionna.  Can he not only defend her but convince her that they are meant to be together?  Who better to help her determine what is going on when it becomes apparent she has a stalker, than a man who was a strategist for the Army?

If you are picking up The Seduction Of An Unknown Lady expecting your normal girl want boy and boy gets girl story threaded through the “ton” and lots of parties you are in for a wonderful surprise.  Your heroine in this story not only had a profession, she even has a secret second profession.  I loved how Ms. James took us down a path or dark and almost gothic scenes in this book.  I enjoyed her writing style as well as the mysterious portions of her plot; I didn’t guess who did it until almost the end.  I think you will enjoy The Seduction Of An Unknown Lady as much as I did which is why I Joyfully Recommend it.


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