The Healer by Sharon Sala
Paranormal/Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-77832544-4
Reviewer: Melissa




Jonah Gray Wolf has the unique abilitites to talk to animals and the power to heal. These special abilities have almost cost him his life and forced him into a life constantly on the run from a man whose life he saved. When he finds himself in West Virginia he is surprised to find that his lonely life has found new meaning when he meets Luce, a woman with secrets of her own. But loving Luce could cause her death if the man determined to control Jonah and Jonah’s power finally catches up with him.

Book after book, Sharon Sala is a pleasure to read and The Healer is no exception. Emotionally satisfying, loaded with adventure and suspense, with a bit of the supernatural to give the story more flavor, this is one book that I recommended romance readers pick up and devour as quickly as possible!


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