Tattoos by Rob Knight, Sean Michael & Willa Okati
Torquere Press
ISBN: 978-1-60370-203-4, 1-60370-203-2
Reviewed by Raine




“Rune Luck” by Willa Okati

Gildfire was a happy go lucky sort. His travel companion, Blackthorn was somber and grumpy from the dismissal he’d recently received from his lover. Gildfire burns with the need to let Blackthorn know he would like to be more than just companions, but isn’t quite sure how to get through that gruff demeanor and once he does if he’ll be welcomed or turned away.

Willa Okati writes a cute story in Rune Luck. Gildfire sits by pining for Blackthorn as he believes Blackthorn is in mourning for his lost lover. However, this isn’t the case at all. The discovery of the truth will warm you all over as Gildfire and Blackthorn find their way to each other.


“Dancing Queen” by Rob Knight

Jules, Six and Paul have fun getting reading to go out to a club for a night of dancing. After they get through the process of getting ready Six and Jules show Paul just what dancing means to them and how fun it can be. Paul was worried about having two left feet but after some lessons from Jules his worries are gone.

Rob Knight, as always, spins a truly hot and erotic tale with these three men. From the evening’s preparations to the club scene in Dancing Queen, this story is hot, hot, hot! This continues the story of Jules, Six and Paul and is a must read. I believe you love it as much as I did.


“The Tail of the Tiger” by Sean Michael

When Trace’s truck breaks down, forcing him to search out a pay phone in a local bar, he encounters a bored patron who’d like to cause a problem. Igor, a quiet cowboy, sitting at the bar watches the encounter ready to step in if a fight breaks out to save the gorgeous stranger. After Trace makes his phone call and finds he is stuck in the middle of nowhere for the night he sits down for a beer. In the course of the evening and some conversation, Igor offers to let him crash at his place for the night and maybe compare ink.

When Igor gets a glimpse of the good looking stranger at the bar he is definitely interested and it seems the interest is returned. Things get hot in The Tail of the Tiger when the tattoo comparisons begins and even hotter when they stop. I loved this Sean Michael story.


Rob Knight, Sean Michael and Willa Okati put together a steaming anthology in Tattoos. Tattoos has wonderful characters, sizzling scenes and terrific storylines. I Joyfully Recommend Tattoos as a must read. I loved all these stories and believe you will as well!


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