Sweet Topping by Carol Lynne
Cattle Valley Series, Book 3
Total-e-Bound Publishing
M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-906328-87-0
Reviewed by Ley




Gill has had a thing for Kyle Brynn, the town baker, for quite awhile.  Finally getting the opportunity to make his feelings known, Gill wastes little time letting Kyle know how much he wants him.  From the beginning Gill can see itís going to take a lot of convincing to make Kyle believe that his being in a wheelchair makes no difference to how Gill feels about him.

Kyle has no idea what Darshawn Gilling, the big strong ex-football player, would want with a former surfer who is now stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  He has no idea what Gill could possibly find attractive about him, but he canít deny how wonderful it feels to have someone desire him again and to have it be someone as sexy as Gill is beyond his wildest fantasy.

I absolutely adored Sweet Topping, the third installment of the Cattle Valley series. I loved everything about this story. It is definitely my favorite of the series so far. Kyleís need to keep in control of his life and not be viewed as an invalid or burden to somebody and Gillís understanding of Kyleís needs helped to make this one of the sweetest, kindest stories Iíve read in a while. Some readers may feel things moved to quickly for the boys, and in some aspects it did but it felt right.  Kyle and Gillís relationship is new but they are not new to each other, being that they were practically neighbors.  I loved how Gillís patience and caring helped Kyle to see himself as desirable and a whole man again.  Sweet Topping is a loving story of two very different, totally opposite individuals who came together showing that love can turn up in the most unlikely of places.  I Joyfully Recommend Sweet Topping but I suggest reading the prior books in the series just so you will know how the residents of Cattle Valley fit into the story.


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