She’s On Top by Susan Lyons
The Awesome Foursome, Book 4
Erotic Romance
ISBN 978-0-7582-1703-X
Reviewed by Amelia




Rina Goldberg is a master musician. But she’s not so masterful in the self-image department. Years of being told that she was heavy have taken their toll. She will only make love with the lights out, and refused to believe anyone who says she’s beautiful.

Rina’s life is busy. She is auditioning to be the principal clarinet with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and her boyfriend, Al, has proposed. Rina knows Al’s not the one, and she consults her friends, the Awesome Foursome, Jenny, Ann, and Suzanne, on how to handle the situation. After they figure out the best way to let Al down, Rina does something totally different for her. She looks up her former lover, Giancarlo Mancini, on the Internet.

She finds out Giancarlo is in Vancouver on business, and they arrange to meet. But Giancarlo is not the geeky, homely boy Rina remembers. He’s now the director of music videos, and he’s one hot stud muffin.

Giancarlo, a true Italian, knows that Rina’s body is perfect, and he intends to show her just that. They begin a hot, steamy affair that makes them both realize they love each other. But Giancarlo has to help Rina overcome her self-image issues to convince her they belong together.

You’ll need three things when you read this book: a box of tissues, a fan and uninterrupted time. Ms. Lyons’s latest book had me overheating one minute, and then crying the next. Giancarlo is one of the sexiest leading men to come around in a long time.

She’s On Top is a fantastic blend of emotions and hot, imaginative sex. It is a stupendous end to the Awesome Foursome series, and makes me wish Susan Lyons had named the series the Stupendous Six, or the Elegant Eight so there could be more books to read. I’m going to miss the Foursome and their journeys to find the men in their lives.

If you haven’t read this series you’re missing out on a incredible read. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest bookstore and pick up She’s On Top. It is a definite Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read for me, and I know you’ll love it, too.


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