Sex, Straight Up by Kathleen OíReilly
Those Sexy OíSullivans, Book 2
Harlequin Blaze
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9780373793921
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Oldest OíSullivan brother Daniel is a widower.  Having married and lost the love of his life, he has no time for romance.  That part of his life is over and done with because no one will ever be able to take the place of his deceased wife.  But everyday Daniel finds it getting harder and harder to picture her face which in turn depresses him further.  When he is coerced into taking his brother Seanís timeshare condo on the beach for a weekend, Daniel figures he can at least be alone in his thoughts.  Fate is a trickster, because in his loneliness, Daniel finds a woman named Catherine who rocks his world on its foundation.

Heiress Catherine Montefiore is spending the weekend at the beach.  Somewhat shy but very observant, she canít help but notice the rowdy bunch next door partying and having a good time.  The more she tries not to watch the harder it is not to, especially when she sees the enigmatic man sitting by himself.  His features are striking and Catherine finds herself sketching him.  Gathering courage, she and the seemingly lonely man share conversation and laughs, and when it is time for him to return to the loud house next door, Catherine blurts out an invitation that she might just live to regret.  Especially when the weekend is over and she notices the manís wedding ring on his luggage.

Having read Shaken and Stirred, the first installment of this delightful series, I was instantly hooked on Daniel and his story.  His mourning grabbed my attention and I knew that whatever his story was, it would be a tear jerker.  Sex, Straight Up was that and more.  The plethora of emotions that Daniel and Catherine experienced was amazing. I felt as if my heart would break when Catherine felt the same way.  Her anger and hurt at Danielís supposedly married state made me wince and I silently urged Daniel to come clean with his story. 

Kathleen OíReilly has a fan for life just because Sex, Straight Up was brilliant.  I am hooked on these totally sexy OíSullivan men and canít wait for the next installment.  Consider Sex, Straight Up Joyfully Recommended because I adored it!


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