Samurai Captive by Barbara Sheridan
Loose ID
Multicultural, Erotic, Historical
ISBN: 978-1-59632-641-5
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Hannah Connolly is a British citizen stranded in Japan.  Although foreigners have been allowed to trade and work in Edo, her employer’s partner insults a samurai lord, and by association, her life takes a dark turn.  Hannah is sold and put on display in a brothel window!  The plucky redhead turns the sketchy situation to her advantage and attracts the notice of a high-standing samurai lord.

Sanada Katsuhiro is aroused by Hannah’s steamy performance and makes a quick decision.  He’s fascinated by her coloring and strong will.  His best friend and lover, Masato, is displeased by Katsuhiro’s attraction to what he views as a “barbarian.”  What Masato refuses to accept is Katsuhiro’s complexity.

Nineteenth century Japan is boiling with political conflict and intrigue. It will take Hannah’s quick wits and Katsuhiro’s insightfulness to overcome the odds.

My dad and uncle were huge Shogun fans.  Later on, I enjoyed reading authors influenced by James Clavell.  The downside to books back then was there weren’t any female protagonists, so for me, Samurai Captive, was an exciting read.  Also, there were no relationships involving foreign women and Japanese men.  The megawatt hot love scenes between Hannah and Katsuhiro (and Masato) in Samurai Captive, more than made up for the lack.

Hannah is not a “good girl.”  She is tough, a survivor. An upper-class Englishwoman could never have endured this.  Most likely, she would have drunk laudanum. Hannah has East End street smarts that keep her from being a damsel in distress or a victim.  It’s important for me to underline that interaction between a low-ranked foreign woman and a samurai lord would be closer to nil. Ms. Sheridan’s research is tight in keeping the plotline and characters believable without the history/culture overload.

Katsuhiro understands people.  Like Hannah, he knew where and when to compromise, which made him a solid, reliable leader. Katsu is sexy, and his sensuality and warm humor highlight his personality.  What makes him unique is that he is both a warrior and visionary.  He is in touch with his innermost self.

Even if you’re savvier about Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, you won’t be disappointed with Samurai Captive.  After all, there was no Hannah Connolly featured, which means Hollywood still has some catching up to do, too.


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