Pomegranate by Vic Winter
Torquere Press
M/M, Contemporary, Wedding
ISBN: 978-1-60370-254-6, 1-60370-254-7
Reviewed by Raine




Davey, the owner of Pomegranate Weddings, is throwing the reception for his dear friends Darren and Peter. His chef Luc is creating all the dishes and his photographer Alan, whom he has a crush on, is taking all the photos. The day goes by without a hitch and Alan even surprises Davey by asking him to dance.

Alan has had a crush on Davey for nearly a year and wants badly to take the next step but timing is everything. After their first dance at Darren and Peterís reception they have only a couple of business chats, Alan wonders if what he felt on the dance floor was real on both sides like it felt or if it was wishful thinking on his part.

Davey along with his chef and photographer have made a great name for themselves in the reception business. Davey is a very detail oriented person and Alan mirrors similar qualities in the creativeness his portraits reflect. Vic Winter writes a beautiful story about life, business and finding love that all fits together like two pieces of a whole. Pomegranate will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart as you read about Davey and Alan. I loved Pomegranate and Iím Joyfully Recommending it as a must read.


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