Nothing to Lose by Mechele Armstrong
Loose Id
M/M/F Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-308-7
Reviewed by Ley




Richard Rollins, a veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, would have never considered himself a peeping tom, but with full fledge orgies taking place in his neighbor’s backyard he couldn’t help but watch.  He only watched, he was not interested physically or emotionally in anything his neighbor’s guests had to offer, and apparently neither is his neighbors.  Richard noticed that the hosts of these weekend rituals would never participate. They sat on their deck and watched just as Richard did across the yard. He also noticed with more than a passing interest the attractiveness of his next-door neighbors. Even though his emotions were shut down and he resigned himself to being alone, that was just one truth he could not deny.

Bryan and Niki Gauld wanted to know more about their neighbor who quietly watched them.  They grew tired of their weekend parties and they came to realize they would never find what they were looking for this way because what they were looking for lived right next door. Pulling out all the stops, Niki and Bryan set out to make Richard apart of their life.  They knew a man like Richard needed control and they were more than willing to give it to him.

Nothing to Lose is a fantastic story. I started this story and avoided interruptions until I finished it.  Niki and Bryan had a void in their life and they knew Richard was the one to fill it.  Richard carried around so much hurt inside stemming from his life overseas fighting the war, the killing and saving of lives and also from his person life.  He blamed himself for things he had no control over and he locked himself up emotionally to deal and struggle with his feelings on his own.  Even though Niki and Bryan knew Richard needed to be with them Richard required some convincing. The interactions between these three were passionate and caring, it never felt like ‘just sex’.  This is such a great story of loving, caring and understanding.  I Joyfully Recommend Nothing to Lose.


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