Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson
Kensington Books
ISBN: 0-7582-1183-X
Reviewed by Emma




Kristi Bentz has survived being nearly killed twice, by a serial killer. Now she is trying to get on with her life and hopefully attain her goal of becoming a true-crime writer. And even though her dad only wants her safe, in New Orleans with him and her stepmother, Kristi has to move forward. Her first step is to further her education by becoming a student at All Saints College and enrolling in All Saints’ English classes. Kristi does not need to tell her Dad that the four students who have gone missing from the college in the last two years, took the same courses and her course load is doing double duty as research for her first novel.

Of course life is never easy. Besides the serial killer and her cop father, there is also the ex-boyfriend she left behind many years ago and the dark cult. All of which add to a life that is more interesting than it should be on occasion.

I loved Lost Souls. Lost Souls is a fast-paced, intriguing novel that looks at some of the dark aspects of life.   I have enjoyed Lisa Jackson’s books in the past, but this one to me, was just perfect. I could not put it down. I found her descriptions to be exactly what was needed and as always Ms. Jackson gives the reader all the information they need – while managing to surprise with twists and turns. All the characters are well drawn to the point you feel the urge to hug the ‘lost souls’ and smack the main characters for being idiots. And as for the relationship between Kristi and her father Rick, I just enjoyed how developed it was, and how well they knew each other. Also Ms. Jackson writes excellent, twisted personalities for the leaders of the cult and those they have affected. For all this and more, I am Joyfully Recommending Lost Souls.


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