Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh
Tempting SEALS
St. Martinís Press
Romantic Suspense / Contemporary
ISBN: 0-312-93994-9
Reviewed by Jo




Ian Richards lost his normal life and his SEAL team upon acknowledging he was the son of Diego Fuentes.  Even though it was for a good reason and he is illegitimate, it has placed Ian on the most wanted list for the majority of the world.  Now Ian has become a hard playing, bad boy who is taking over his own fatherís cartel.  In a world where actions count and danger is a daily occurrence, no one is sure just which side Ian is working for.  Things seem to be going to Ianís plan, whatever that is, until a shadow from his past appears.

Kira Porter has shadowed Ian and the others on his SEAL team for years while working for the Department of Homeland Security.  Kira has become a perfect shadow except that Ian has always been able to pick her out no matter what, so this time Kira didnít bother to try and hide her arrival.  Kira is not sure what Ian is up to but she knows itís not the face he is showing to the world.

Ian doesnít need the problems that Kira is going to bring him, but he canít deny the lust that has existed between them for years.  Giving in to the passion that the lust covers will place them both in even more danger, however Kira knows it a chance worth taking.  As events start unraveling, Ian and Kira have a very tight line to walk, especially when neither has come totally clean with the other.   When the true targets become known and the danger is escalated, will the budding trust and relationship between Ian and Kira bring them through or will the secrets of their jobs rule the day?

Let me just say first off, Killer Secrets is darker and edgier than the earlier SEAL books, but for Ian it had to be.  Ian has denied his background his entire life until recently and now the price on his head grows every day.  Kira believes that the core of Ian has not changed and is determined to follow him and help in whatever way she can.  I was pretty much held spellbound by Ian and Kira and the danger they had to tiptoe through everyday.  I think erotic is a mild word for when Kira and Ian came together, however each and every time gave me the shivers.  I was expecting a lot from Ianís story and I knew it would have to be dark, however Ms. Leigh blew me away on just how dark and erotic and yet satisfying it was.  I highly recommend Killer Secrets, in fact I Joyfully Recommend it.


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