Fancy Free by Shelley Munro
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419913341
Reviewed by Jambrea




Alice Beasley just inherited Fancy Free, her godmotherís condom company.  She is in over her head and knows nothing about condoms.  She needs to figure something out fast because someone wants to see Fancy Free fail. 

James Bates is the manger of Fancy Free and more than willing to give Alice the education she needs.  When the new condom design is leaked, the company must go to drastic measures using James and Alice as the new product testers.

Working has never been so much fun.  Will Alice be able to face the embarrassment of running a condom company, or will she loosen up for the sexy manager? 

Fancy Free is deliciously funny.  Shelly Munro had me laughing out loud.  Fancy Free is also steamy hot.  I mean, come on, they are testing condoms.  Aliceís embarrassment alone had me giggling.  Fancy Free is just hysterical.  Aliceís first day on the job was priceless and her time in the bar after work is just as good.  James had me beating my head against the wall until he finally got it!  Poor Alice.  Fancy Free has it all: laughter, fear, heartbreak, and steamy hot sex.  Ms. Munro wrote a wonderful story and that is why I am Joyfully Recommending Fancy Free.  I need to go back and look at more titles by Ms. Munro because I love comedy in stories and she has a way of weaving in the funny.    


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