Donít Let Go by Marliss Melton
Navy Seals Book 5
Grand Central Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0-446-61835-7
Reviewer: Melissa




Jordan Bliss has traveled to Venezuela in order to adopt a child. When she sees four-year-old Miguel, he quickly grabs her heart. But when chaos erupts from a government coup, she finds herself being extracted by Navy Seals against her will, leaving Miguel behind as he is not a US citizen. Navy Seal Solomon McGuire canít get the picture of Jordan out of his mind after her took Miguel from her arms and forced her on the helicopter. Solomonís own son was stolen from him by his ex-wife so he knows the pain it brings. Thatís why he finds himself determined to help her get her son back. Both Jordan and Solomon have had their hearts trampled by their ex-spouses but they find themselves unable to stop from falling in love. But when Jordanís quest to retrieve Miguel from Venezuela puts Jordan into danger, can Solomon get to her in time to save the woman who has given him a second chance at love?

Marliss Melton has done it again! Donít Let Go is an action-packed romance that keeps the reader immersed in Solomon and Jordan, unwilling to put the book down. Add to this a tremendous secondary story involving Jordanís sister and the hint of the another story to come. Without a doubt Marliss Meltonís Navy Seals are not to be missed!


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