Dark Needs at Nightís Edge by Kresley Cole
Immortals After Dark, Book 5
Pocket Star Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-4707-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Eighty years ago Neomi Laress lost her life just as she was gaining popularity as a prima ballerina.  The night she was showcasing her beautiful home and riding on the coattails of a stunning performance, a spurned lover stabbed and killed Neomi as well as himself.  Because of this, Neomiís ghost has been stuck in her now crumbling mansion.  Able to see but not been seen.  Able to hear but not be heard.  Able to feel but not be felt.  It is a lonely existence for this once vibrant woman and Neomi lives for when people move into her home.  The night four vampires invade her property is a night she wonít forget anytime soon especially since one of them has red eyes and blood lust raging throughout his body. 

Conrad Wroth has just about lost his sanity. His red eyes attest to the fact that blood lust has hit him and his rage is endless.  He hears the thoughts and yearnings of his victims and canít escape their memories.  He lives for the night so that he can go back out and hunt again.  Whiskey dulls his senses enough that he almost appears normal but he knows differently.  If he can only find the two men responsible for his vampiric existence, then he can kill them and himself before someone or something else does.  Conrad realizes that itís funny how wishes come true because he has just been trapped by his brothers and taken to an abandoned mansion in chains.  They want him to be free of his rage and bloodlust.  He just wants to be free to claim their heads.  In his darkest hour of captivity, however, Conrad sees a sparkling light.  Knowing he has definitely lost his mind, he lies in wait hoping to see another such phenomena.  His patience prevails and that is when he sees her in all her spiritual and transparent glory. 

Neomi sees the imprisoned vampire and longs to ease his pain.  When he looks at her and seems to see her, the joy she feels knows no bounds.  Finally, someone to talk to during the lonely days and nights.  Someone to laugh with. Someone to love.  But Neomi is a ghost and ghosts canít love.  Or can they?  What happens when Neomi enlists the aid of a witch in an effort to be with the man she loves? 

Talk about enticing and completely spell binding.  From the get-go Dark Needs at Nightís Edge took me on a roller coater of emotions from the scene of Neomiís mortal demise to Conradís enslavement by his brothers who he counts as his enemies.  Conrad knows he is losing his sanity and he knows that it is only a matter of time until someone is able to end his miserable life.  But in his darkest and bleakest moment, he is given, virtually, a ray of hope in the form of Neomi Laress.  Realizing how they feel about each other was agonizing in the fact that Neomi was not corporeal and there was no help for her.  While she loves Conrad, she knows that they can never be a couple as he wishes.  Time is of the essence in the bargain she made with the witch and Neomi and Conrad make the most of it.  Sensual, satisfying, and downright beautiful love scenes brought forth their emotions for each other and I had no doubts that they loved the love of a lifetime. 

Kresley Cole has taken paranormal romance to a new level with Dark Needs at Nightís Edge.  Her ability to weave a timeless love story with hilarious witches and Valkries thrown in for good measure who never fail to make me laugh out loud at their antics and cry with their anguish.  Once the smokes clears, the characters come alive in their own way and the end is phenomenal.  I forcefully and loudly Joyfully Recommend Dark Needs at Nightís Edge.  It is not to be missed. 


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