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What Lies in Winter by Cassidy Kent
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 10-1-59279-628-1 ISBN: 13-978-1-59279-628-1
Reviewed by Klarissa




With anticipation Hayley Barrett rushes to the cabin where she will stay for the holidays.  Instead of meeting her friend Eden there, a stranger answers the door and proceeds to kick Hayley out of the cabin.  He’s stiff, and uptight and completely grates on her nerves, yet he has also unleashed her desires. 

Hayley will have none of Nicholas Rhiordan’s attitude.  She is determined he will not ruin her vacation.  As these two get stuck together Hayley and Nicholas realize they can find love and healing in each others arms.

What Lies in Winter is such a joy to read.  Hayley absolutely pops off the page with her enthusiastic personality.  She and Nicholas are a match made in heaven.  I love the characters, the settings, the dialogue and well, everything!  I think you will too which is why I am recommending What Lies in Winter.


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