To the Limit by Pamela Britton
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-77187-5
Reviewed by Nannette




Kristen McKenna has worked for Mathew Knight in a behind the scenes capacity until now.  Mathew just bought himself a NASCAR race team and he wants Kristen to be the engineering consultant for Knight Enterprises Motorsports.  Kristen is wary but she canít pass up the opportunity to design racecars, even though working in a male dominated industry sheíll have to work twice as hard for the respect that should come easily.

Kristen is shocked when she discovers that Matt and the driver, Todd Peters, are interested in her.  She only has eyes for one of them though.  When push comes to shove can he put her before his work?

I really enjoyed the first two of Pamela Britonís NASCAR books, but To The Limit is my favorite.  I love Kristin.  She is fearless and smart, and she possesses humor that could rival a comedian.  I also love what she does for Matt.  She is so good for him.  Matt is wonderful.  Heís handsome and intelligent. I loved that the powerful and invincible Mathew Knight fell hard for Kristen just the way she is.  To The Limit is a smooth read both on and off the track.  Itís a well-written racing story with romance, fun and excitement!


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