Time Warp by Alessia Brio
ISBN: 1-59426-522-4
Reviewed by Tera




Alex plans her and her husband’s anniversary every year. For the past two years, she’s stuck with their tradition of dinner, their favorite movie—The Rocky Horror Picture Show—and a night out with their friends. But this year, she’s got something else up her sleeve.

Dan knows his wife plans their anniversary every year, but given their awkward situation this year, he’s just not in the mood to play along. But Alex has other plans for him.

I loved Time Warp! I cannot stress enough how much I loved this book. Alessia did a great job with this one. And no, it’s not just because The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favorite movie of all time. But sadly, I can’t say too awful much about the plot, or I’ll give the story away. And being blind going in to it and finding out what happens is what makes this a great read. The ending was phenomenal and I loved what Alex did. She’s a woman after my own heart. This one is definitely going on my “Read Again and Again” shelf!!


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